Leo Docherty MP visits the College
Posted on 15 July 2019

The MP for Aldershot, Leo Docherty recently visited the College to speak to our politics students about current political issues. Mr Docherty is a Conservative party politician and has been the MP for Aldershot since June 2017. Prior to being elected as an MP, he served in the Scots Guards. In 2007 he had a book published called ‘Desert of Death’ which was about his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The students asked challenging questions about the upcoming Conservative leadership election and on the UK's support of Saudi Arabia in Yemen. 

Mr Docherty also wanted to know what the students thought about giving 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote and was surprised how unpopular it was amongst our students.  Afterwards, he praised the students for their insightful questions, as well as their confidence when asking difficult and thought- provoking questions.

Nathan Scott, Curriculum Manager for government and politics said, “This is the third time Leo has given up his time to visit the College and speak with our students. He really has given them something to think about and it was fantastic to see so many young people engaged in politics." 

Leo commented, “It was a most enjoyable occasion. I am always impressed by the depth of knowledge in such young minds, and the level of interest in politics.”

We look forward to welcoming Mr Docherty again in the future.