Politics student wins Harvard Book Prize
Posted on 13 July 2023

Joe receiving the book from Catherine

Joe Moir, first year student was awarded the Harvard Club Of The UK Book Prize, after being nominated by his Politics teacher Nathan. After he received the prize we sat down with him to ask him some questions about his time at College and his exciting life outside Farnborough 6th.

I take Politics, Law and History which I feel combined give me a broad view of the world and society. I find all three overlap which means I can explore my interests in things like political history in the Federal Republic of Germany or how the House of Lords can impact laws which affect all of us even today. 

With a view of the future, my interest in the world around me has encouraged me to pursue a degree in International Relations. I hope this will line me up well with my overall goal of commissioning as an Officer in the Scots Guards. I believe the subjects I study currently open my eyes to a changing world which is a key skill for a future leader in the army. 

Recently, I have been fortunate enough to experience some rare opportunities through my role in the Sea Cadets. I found the skills and knowledge that my subjects have given to me have highlighted me as a capable cadet on a national scale. From being asked to present in the House of Lords to over 100 guests, having lunch with a former Chief of Naval Staff, escorting the Commander of the Dutch Navy and even being present in London for the recent Coronation. 

To be recognised by the College for the Harvard Book prize is an honour. It gives food for thought for the future and exploring the idea of studying abroad. And the book itself appears to be a fascinating read. 

Nathan Scott, Curriculum Manager government and politics commented “Joe is a worthy recipient of the Harvard Club book prize. His work with the Sea Cadets is exemplary. He is an outstanding member of the College community and his hard work and dedication ought to be recognised. The book Joe won, ‘There is nothing for you here’ will be useful in developing his understanding of International Relations and diplomacy.”