EPQ Presentation Evening
Posted on 17 December 2018

As the autumn term draws to an end, the College hosts its annual Extend Project Qualification presentation evening. 

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a skills based, independent research project with a long history at Farnborough.  The project is unique in that the student can decide what it is about and the focus is on developing valuable skills rather than learning and examining content.  The EPQ allows second year students to extend their abilities beyond the A level syllabus and prepare for university or their future career.

The presentation evening is a chance for students to unveil the results of six months of hard work.  Some of the projects were displayed in the Greenhouse and Shades and included, “Making a Quadcopter”, “Is high street retail in the UK dying?”, “Is the development of Alzheimer’s disease due to biological or lifestyle factors and to what extent can we prevent the disease?” and “To design a garden with health benefits” .  Other students chose to present their work through a short lecture and topics included, “To what extent have the 10 commandments shaped Modern Day British Law?”, “Is AI the future of cancer detection?”, “An analysis of LGBTQ representation in contemporary Western cinema” and “How did Queen Victoria’s upbringing in the Kensington system affect her?”

Fellow students, parents and friends of the College all commented how dazzled they were by the variety of research which had been produced.

Principal Catherine Cole who attended on the evening said, What a wonderful event!  The students were so engaging and articulate about their projects.  They had obviously grown to love them and were so passionate about their work.  Well done everybody!”

Pete Wright, EPQ Coordinator commented, “The quality of the presentations was absolutely astounding!  I am incredibly proud of each and every student for the dedication they have shown over the course of the EPQ.  Also, thank you to all the staff who were involved in helping coordinate the projects and the evening.”

The work produced by the students illustrates what can be achieved when you do not set limits on your ambitions - everyone involved should feel very proud of their achievements.