Learning Resource Centres

The College offers four areas for independent, silent study which you can view here.  The study areas are fully equipped and offer a variety of study environments to suit all preferences.  You can read more about our Learning Resource Centres here.

These are some of the services that the LRC provide:

  • Subject Resource Sessions 
  • Workshops (research skills, library resources etc.)
  • Variety of book services (Book Club, Book Subscription, Books You Should Read, Book Buzz newsletter and the Book Award)
  • Book festivals
  • EPQ Support

The College's resource database (Accessit) is available via the link on CristalWeb or the LRC website here.  Resources include:

  • Subject Recommended Resources
  • Fiction books
  • Textbooks and revision guides
  • Extensive reference resources
  • Journals
  • Online resources, e-books and e-journals
  • DVDs in English, French, German and Spanish

You can contact the LRC on lrc@farnborough.ac.uk