Learning Resource Centres

The College offers three distinct areas for independent study which you can view here.  The study areas are fully equipped and offer a variety of study environments to suit all preferences.  You can read more about our Learning Resource Centres here.

These are some of the services that the LRC provide:

  • Resource study sessions
  • Year 1 Workshops
  • Year 2 Workshops
  • Password reset support
  • Variety of book services (Book Club, book subscription and book buzz newsletter)

The College's resource database (Accessit) is available via the link on CristalWeb or the LRC website here.  Resources include:

  • Non-fiction and fiction books, relevant to all courses
  • Loanable copies of all subject textbooks and revision guides
  • Extensive reference resources
  • Journals and newspapers
  • Online resources
  • e-books and e-journals
  • DVDs in English, French, German and Spanish

You can contact the LRC on lrc@farnborough.ac.uk.