Learning Resource Centre

Our Learning Resource Centre (LRC) offers four distinct areas for independent study which you can view here.  The study areas are fully equipped and offer a variety of study environments to suit all preferences.  There are a total of 480 workspaces.

You can read all about our Learning Resource Centres on our dedicate Google Site  - please click here to view it!

The LRC Lower Bagnall, Library and LRC Whitehouse are supervised by staff.  These staff can assist users with any queries and you can contact them on LRC@farnborough.ac.uk.

The Library Catalogue and other online resources are all accessible via the LRC link on the LRC Study Directory.  Resources include:

  • Books, relevant to all courses
  • Extensive reference resources
  • Over 50 journals and daily newspapers
  • DVDs
  • Online resources
  • e-books and e-journals
  • Chromebooks
  • Reference and loanable copies of all subject textbooks
  • Revision Guides
  • Headphones

Accessit is the College's Library catalogue and resources database.  Here you will find easy to use search functions to reserve and review the resources you need while studying at the College.  Make sure you explore the 'Quick Lists' for relevant reading lists and use the 'One Search' tab to explore websites, TedTalks and other online resources recommended by your subjects.