Online Resources

The College uses online systems including CristalWeb, Google and the Parent Portal for teaching, studying and communicating with students and their parents/guardians.  All of these systems can be accessed from the College, home and abroad, from your PC, as well as your mobile.

You will be encouraged to take responsibility for your own learning.  Your attendance, achievements and time-management will be carefully monitored and shared online with you, your parents/guardians, teachers and Personal Tutors.  



CristalWeb enables students to manage many different aspects of their academic journey, you can:

  • Check your timetables
  • Review your progress and attendance throughout the year and manage personal targets
  • See your exam timetable and other exam information
  • Access exam results 
  • Make trip payments, post-results payments and course payments
  • Receive important messages and reminders from Subject and Personal Tutors
  • Book a careers advice appointment
  • View and update personal details


Students are provided with a Google account, which is used for emails, document creation, collaboration and sharing, unlimited storage and much more. 

Subject Tutors share information with students using the Google tools, including Google Sites, Google Classroom and Google Meets.  As well as being able to look up course materials, additional reading and subject resources, you will also have access to revision materials.  Our Google powered 'Study Directory' also links to the online Learning Resource Centre, where you can read magazines, journals and newspapers, watch course-related television programmes and view the extensive library catalogue. 


Microsoft Office 365

Our students are given a free subscription to Microsoft Office 365 as part of our wider Microsoft licensing programme.  Students will be provided with instructions on how access this subscription when they join the College.


Parent Portal

The Parent Portal provides parents/guardians with access to information about their child, including timetable, exam information and academic reviews.  They will also be able to see contact details for their child's Personal Tutor.  All parents/guardians will receive a username and password in order to access the Portal during the first half term.