Personal Learning Devices

The College is investing in a more robust and resilient network infrastructure in order to continue to enhance our outstanding teaching and learning through the use of technology.   

We have committed to up-skilling our staff and undertaking a cross subject review of the way that we teach, with the aim of making staff more aware of the range of options and strategies available when using technology in their planning and delivery.  We aspire to deliver lessons which are dynamic, creative, sophisticated and transformative to ensure that our students leave here able to meet the demands of the changing world with confidence.


What this means for you?

In order to maximise learning in lessons, we have introduced a personal learning device approach for students.

Some of you will already be familiar with this approach to learning because it has been adopted by your school.  It may be called something different, but essentially this is an approach by which students are invited to use technology as part of their learning ‘tool kit’.  

We feel that learning with technology allows students to develop greater independence.  You will learn key digital skills that will help you in your next steps after College, whatever that may be.  Some examples of how technology will be used to enhance learning:

  • Greater collaboration, creativity, and independence;
  • A chance for all learners to contribute in lessons at the same time and for understanding to be checked and modelled;
  • The ability to collaborate on documents, presentations and digital whiteboards in lessons and outside of the classroom, and present information in a way that suits you;
  • Immediate access to interactive resources, linked to reference materials, videos and inspiring case studies;
  • Checking understanding through interactive and dynamic assessment providing instant feedback with examples to improve work;
  • Formal assessments with at-a glance records of attainment and audio feedback to explain how answers were reached including tips on structure;
  • The ability to process thoughts and share knowledge learned using audio and/or screen recording;
  • The ability to collect and organise your study notes in a safe, shareable and interconnected way;
  • A way to capture your non-digital work so it is never lost;
  • The ability to be flexible and for learning to continue outside of lessons.

You can view detailed information about devices and specific requirements here

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