Stretch, Challenge and Breaking Barriers

Regardless of ability, all learners are actively encouraged to take advantage of opportunities which extend and deepen their subject expertise and, where appropriate, go beyond the limit of the subject specifications. 

In lessons, teachers highlight which activities are designed to stretch and challenge students, so that those who feel able to can take on those tasks.  Outside of the classroom, students are invited to attend talks and workshops, complete extension activities and conduct research to inspire their learning, challenge their thinking and break through barriers to their progression.

Students also have the option of taking the Extended Project Qualification, an independent research project which is valued by universities and is equivalent to half an A level.  More information about the EPQ can be found here

For detailed information about what subject areas do to stretch and challenge learners, please see the ‘By Subject’ pages in the right hand side menu.

All students with a strong GCSE profile will become a member of the ‘Aspire’ programme during their first term at  College. You can read more about the Aspire Programme using the navigation on the right.