Maths admissions test support (SUAT)


This course is intended to support students who wish to apply for a university which has a maths based admissions test, for example STEP, MAT, TMUA or PAT. Most universities do not have admissions tests for maths or related courses, but there are some exceptions from the Russell group, for example Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College and Warwick. (Usually it is just the maths and joint maths degrees which have admissions tests, but in some cases they can be for computer science, physics, engineering and economics.) The SUAT course provides the opportunity to improve mathematical thinking and problem solving skills alongside the introduction of topics beyond A-level maths including university interview style questions. It strongly supports your study toward the admission tests.

What will I be studying on the course?

In the first year, the initial focus is on practicing Senior Maths Challenge and Senior Kangaroo questions to improve problem solving skills. Later in the year, the course moves on to look at past paper questions from the different admissions tests. Some logic, non-A-level style curve sketching and functions and small introduction of the number theories will be implemented throughout the course.

In the second year, the focus moves to more difficult admissions test questions as well as interview practice.

What will I be doing in lessons?

In the first year, the lessons are once a week. You will work both independently and in groups with other students on the problems set for that week. In the second year, lessons are twice a week. You will continue working independently and in groups with other students on the set problems. The lessons are facilitated by a teacher who is an expert in preparing students for admissions tests with many years experience.

How will the course be assessed?

Depending on the universities you apply for, you will sit the admission test or tests in your second year.

Frequently asked questions about SUAT

  1. Which universities require or take into account admissions tests for maths? it is difficult to provide a definitive list, however some examples are: Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, Warwick, Bath, Cardiff, Durham, Lancaster, LSE, Nottingham, Sheffield, Southampton. Please check course requirements on individual university websites if you are unsure. 
  2. What is the difference between STEP, MAT, PAT and TMUA? STEP, stands for sixth term examination paper, one or two 3 hours examinations in June. MAT, stands for maths admissions test, one 2.5 hours examination in October. TMUA, stands for Test of Mathematics for University Admissions,which has two 75 minute multiple choice tests in October.
  3. I plan to do engineering at university. Do I need to do this course? Most universities do not have admissions tests for engineering. However, Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London engineering courses will ask for admission tests.
  4. I plan to do computer science at university. Do I need to do this course? Most universities do not have admissions tests for computer science, with the exception of Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London.
  5. I plan to do economics at university. Do I need to do this course? Most universities do not have admissions tests for economics, with the exception of Cambridge.