Student Union 2023/24

The Student Union represents the diverse views and voices of our over 4,000 strong Student Body. Committed to creating an inclusive and engaging campus experience, our Student Union is at the heart of our vibrant community.
As well as organising brilliant fundraisers such as Wear It Pink Day and launching green initiatives such as our very successful second hand clothes swap-shop, the SU plan and coordinate Culture Day, a celebration of the rich cultural diversity found within our College. This event serves as a unifying force, bringing our Student Body together.  
The President and Vice President, who are elected by students, also serve as Academy Quality Councillors and attend regular meetings where they contribute and have a real say in shaping the future direction and excellence of our College.
There are 14 members of the SU and you can read about the 2023/24 elected students below:


Siya Sardar - President


I’m Siya Sardar and it is my honour to be your Student Union President! I am fully dedicated to enhancing student life, passionate about inclusivity and community, and most importantly making your journey through A-levels more enriching and fulfilling. I thoroughly look forward to discussing your concerns and your ideas with our Student Union members and becoming representatives of your voice not only within the College, but in Academic Quality Council meetings too. With your help, I trust that we can improve the quality of our time and the life of future College students. Feel free to drop me an email or come and find me around College.


Joe Saggers - Vice President




I am honoured to serve as the Vice President of your Student Union. I strive to be a dedicated and effective representative of the Student Body by listening to the concerns, needs, and aspirations of my fellow students and ensuring that their voices are heard. I hope to foster a sense of unity by creating an inclusive environment where every student feels welcome and valued, regardless of their background, beliefs, or identity. An important part of this is effective communication, so I seek to improve communication channels between students and faculty to ensure transparency, accountability, and the timely resolution of student issues. I believe this will enhance the academic experience for all students, another of my priorities, which has led to my goal of introducing regular academic seminars to support student learning and growth. I am also a passionate advocate for student well-being, both physical and mental, and aim to actively collaborate with Counselling Services and support mental health awareness initiatives to create a supportive and nurturing environment.


Charlie Watkins - Community Engagement and Volunteering Officer                           




I am your Community Engagement and Volunteering Officer this year. I am honoured to hold this role and intend to help create a true, widely connected College Community. I want to invest time into creating opportunities for students to connect with employers, volunteering and allow the students to hear about events inside, and outside of the college. I want to invest time into both your future and your present; your voice is at the centre of my intentions, so reach out to me about anything. Together you create a joyful, engaged and flourishing community, and I am here to ensure your voices are always heard.


Tom Pope - Environmental Officer



I am thrilled to be a part of this year's Student Union - I know that we will all be able to work together to ensure that Farnborough Sixth remains a positive, safe and sustainable environment for many years to come! I will strive to maintain our College's high standards and decrease our environmental impact, so that we can lead the way for colleges around the country.


Fiona Laken - Environmental Officer

I am pleased to be one of the Environmental Officers in this year’s Student Union. The environment is at the centre of our lives, impacting our physical and mental health, so it is vital that we keep the College green and beautiful. I will work to protect and improve the College environment, and I will be happy to take on board any suggestions that you may have. Every action makes a difference, and keeping the environment in its best shape is a community effort that I am committed to representing. When we respect the environment, we respect each other.


Shanti Rojas Labastida - Equality and Diversity Officer

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be one of this year's Equality and Diversity Officers and hope to make this year special for everyone, alongside the other excellent Student Union members and staff. We wish to carry on with established events from last year, but will make any necessary improvements in order to ensure that we maintain and maximise a welcoming and accepting learning environment, where everyone feels supported and represented. I look forward to hearing the voices of this year’s students and feel excited to contribute to the College and put those voices into motion. I hope to make this year memorable for everyone.


Emma Crickmore - Equality and Diversity Officer

I am very excited to be involved with the Student Union as an Equality and Diversity Officer for the upcoming academic year.  I look forward to being able to work together with the SU team and I hope to be able to allow for more students to share their cultures, and feel less burdened by their differences. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any enquiries, personal recommendations for improvements, or even general comments.  I hope you look forward to the next academic year!


Aleeyah Humayan - Events Officer

I am very excited and honoured to be one of your Events Officers this year! I can’t wait to work alongside the rest of the Student Union to organise lots of fun and exciting events for the college, ranging from celebrations to raising money for charity or awareness about different topics. Please feel free to contact me or the rest of the Student Union if you have any ideas about events you would like to see happen!


Maisie Burt - Events Officer

I am honoured to fill the role of Events Officer for the College this year and am excited to start planning events for you all. I will be collaborating with other members of the Student Union and students to create a wide variety of events throughout the year. If you have any suggestions regarding these events, please feel free to contact me or other Student Union members. I look forward to hearing all of your ideas!



Uma Franklin - Health and Wellbeing Officer

Hi, I’m Uma and I feel so grateful to be part of the Student Union as one of the Health and Wellbeing officers. We all understand the true importance of looking after the health and wellbeing of ourselves and others, whether mentally, physically or emotionally and I am looking forward to aiding the Student Body in this. My aim is to be a voice for the Student Body regarding any health and wellbeing concerns, as well as raising awareness about the fantastic services we have to offer. I will always be there to listen and help where I can, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or ideas and I look forward to helping out. 


 Sama Alfifi - Health and Wellbeing Officer

Hi, I'm Sama and I'm so grateful to be given the opportunity to make everyone's College experience the best it can be. I believe that the health and wellbeing of students is one of the biggest factors that contribute to their success and happiness, and this is why I look forward to ensuring that students at College have access to the support they need and that their voices are heard. Please feel free to speak to me about any concerns or ideas you have.


Jessica Halstead - Learning Experience Officer

I am really looking forward to undertaking the role of Learning Experience Officer for 2023/24! I am very excited to work alongside the other Student Union members to develop the learning services at College so that they suit the needs of all Sixth Form students. Throughout this academic year, I will strive to solve issues raised by the students in order to ensure that a consistent and supportive learning environment remains available. In engaging with these issues and liaising with the other SU members and key members of staff, I know that we can enact these changes to ensure our success this year. If you have any suggestions, opinions or worries, please do not hesitate to contact me or another SU member.


Tom Rolland - Learning Experience Officer

I am thrilled to be a part of the Student Union this year. I applied because I genuinely want to make a difference,  be an active member, and represent your perspectives as students. Throughout my tenure as your Learning Experience Officer, surveys and class representatives will play a crucial role in helping the Student Union understand your needs and concerns effectively. By actively engaging with students, my goal is to enhance the overall learning experience and ensure that your voices are heard. Together, we can create a supportive and inclusive environment where every student can thrive. I am fully committed to working tirelessly to address your challenges and advocate for positive changes.


Ronnie Shefler - Communications and Marketing


Hi all. I'm Ronnie, your Student Union Officer for Communications and Marketing. I love all things on the web and I am so excited to handle this year's Student Union social media. I'm hoping to raise awareness for all the events and services available to students here at the College. Please feel free to email me at any time, with any ideas or contributions you may have. Don't forget to hit the follow button on all things Farnborough Sixth Student Union to keep up with us!