Student Association 2019/20

The Student Association represent the views of our 3,900 strong student body.  As well as organising brilliant fundraising events such as RAG Week and Pink Day, the SA arrange Freshers' Week, a great introduction to being a student at Farnborough. The President and Vice President, who are elected by students, are also Academy Quality Councillors and attend regular meetings to have a real say on the future direction of the College.  There are twelve members of the SA and you can read about the 2019/20 elected students below!


India-Rose Marriott - President 

Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who voted for me. I am honoured to serve as the Student Association President for the upcoming college year! Being elected as President allows me to work alongside students and staff to create an exciting and enjoyable learning environment for all of us!

My role includes chairing weekly Student Association meetings, attending board meetings, representing the college, and working alongside the rest of the Student Association team in order to plan events. In addition to this, I hope to be a friendly face around college and to represent the views of the student body. I can't wait to see what 2019/20 will hold!



Rhys Chant - Vice President

I want to say a massive thank you to all of those who took a #ChanceOnChant and elected me as the Vice President of the Student Association. I am very excited to have the chance to work with such an amazing and skilled team to help make College a more eco-friendly and fun place to be. 

My role entails working with Tutor Reps to help to run and organise the stalls at events and gather feedback to present to the rest of the team at meetings. I will also be representing at Academy Quality Council meetings, so please never hesitate to contact me with an enquiry. I look forward to being your avid bowtie and theatre enthusiast over the next year.



Rohan Kalia - Treasurer

I am very excited about being your Treasurer for the upcoming year. During this next year, I will be making fundraising my top priority and ensuring that money is allocated appropriately. I will work hard with the rest of the SA, the College’s finance team and you to make 2019/20 another fantastic year here at the College.

If you have any ideas or thoughts regarding what the SA could do for you, feel free to email me or come and see me in the SA’s office.





Ritika Nair - Communications and Marketing 

As the Communications and Marketing Officer, I plan to increase the reach and impact of our college’s profile and visibility through creative marketing and communications strategies, plans and approaches. I’m really excited to hear your ideas and thoughts; because at the end, it’s YOUR voice that matters. I promise to do my best to enhance your college experience and make it as enjoyable as possible.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact me.





Emma Hughes - Community Engagement

As Community Engagement Officer, I aim to help both the local community as well as charities. I think the students should have a choice in which charities we support so I would be grateful to hear your suggestions and will hopefully hold a vote this coming year to get your views. This way we can make a difference to causes we feel passionately about, both locally and nationally. Let’s make this the best year yet!






Jamie Laird - Environmental

I am thrilled to be a part of the Student Association this year as the Environmental Officer. My role includes finding new ways to make the College more sustainable and expand on the processes that we already have in place. As an environmental science student, I have so many ideas. This role is also a great opportunity for me to put what I have learnt into practice. I am open to suggestions and can’t wait to learn more about how we can protect our amazing environment. 






Kaji Narasingarawo - Learning Experience

I am looking forward to representing you as the Student Association Learning Experience officer for 2019/20. This coming year, I would like to make sure that you have a say in your learning.

If you have any questions or something you would like to discuss, please either talk to your Subject Representative who will ensure it gets passed on to me, or drop by the office and speak with me. I will do my best to ensure that your learning experience is a positive one over the coming year.





Aidan Bridge - Equality and Diversity

I am very thankful and honoured to be the Equality and Diversity officer in our College and be one of your SA representatives this year. 

I hope to bring inclusivity into your daily college lives and a greater understanding of each other’s personal identities, beliefs and backgrounds so that every single person can feel comfortable and confident in their own shoes whilst at College. Any ideas, concerns or advice are always welcome.





Emily Brazzill - Enrichment

I am looking forward to being your Enrichment Officer over the next year. I will do my best to make sure that societies and enrichment activities are advertised to all students, and that you don’t miss out on anything you may be interested in. 

Getting involved by joining societies and teams is a great way to meet new people with similar interests and enhance your college life. I’ll be working with society leaders to ensure that you have a healthy balance between academic and extracurricular activities throughout the year. If you have any questions with regards to enrichment activities or societies, then please do not hesitate to contact me.



Rachael Gooding - Events

This year, I will be acting as your Events Officer and after being so intrigued with the work of the SA last year, I am more than excited to embark on this task. I will be responsible for organising and overseeing the events held within our college. I endeavour to work alongside my fellow SA to give you the best experience of college and enrich your year with events and opportunities that really help you to enjoy it!


It goes without saying that I need your input and feedback as much as possible to help the year run smoothly, so don't be afraid to get involved by volunteering for events or just contacting me with ideas. I want this year to be what you want to do! Please do not hesitate to drop me an email if you have any queries or questions regarding college events.


Ashleigh McKenzie - Health and Wellbeing

I am very excited to be your Health and Wellbeing Officer of the Student Association 2019/20! Throughout the year, I want to work with the students and staff to create a learning environment which is tailored to our health needs. I would like to focus on lowering stress levels because life can be stressful and we all need to know how to manage it effectively. If you have any ideas on how we could do this, please feel free to contact me or visit me in the SA office.






Maya Brauns - Volunteering

Helping out in both the College and wider community is something I see as vital for making them a better place, which is why I am delighted to have been assigned the role of Volunteering Officer for the next year on the Student Association. 

My aim is to get as many of you involved in volunteering as possible, so if you have any suggestions or would be interested in helping out, feel free to send me an email. Have a great year!