We have a dedicated volunteer centre where you can seek advice and find information about all of the volunteering opportunities we have to offer.  As well as helping you find a suitable placement, our volunteering centre can tailor a placement for your specific interests.  For example, if you are particularly interested in volunteering to preserve the environment for local wildlife, we can find a placement that's right for you.

Not only does volunteering help develop skills such as confidence, problem-solving and communication, it gives you the chance to be involved in areas of work that you may not have previously considered.  Volunteering is particularly beneficial to those wanting to go on to study competitive subjects, such as medicine, teaching, dentistry and veterinary medicine.

There are a number of chances throughout the year where you can find information about the wide range of volunteering opportunities.  The College also has an annual Volunteering Week, which provides our students with a great opportunity to try out volunteering whilst helping the local community.

To find out more about all of the volunteering opportunities the College offers and how to get involved, please email volunteering@prospecttrust.org.uk.  Students can also visit the 'Volunteering' page on the Study Directory.