Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) is a varied programme of activities that can be taken by anyone aged 14 to 24 regardless of ability. Around 275,000 people are taking part in the DofE programme at any one time in the UK. The DofE programme can take on average anywhere between 1 and 4 years to complete depending on the route taken and the Awards, which are Bronze, Silver or Gold. Students can achieve this Award by completing the programme of activities – Volunteering, Physical, Skills, Expedition, and for the Gold Award, a Residential.

The College is a DofE Directly Licensed Centre, which means we can deliver the programme to our students, despite the absence of government funding. As well as making a considerable investment financially, a huge commitment of time and effort is made by volunteers.

The award is held in high esteem by universities and employers and is entirely voluntary, fun and non-competitive, but requires commitment. Due to the popularity of the award, places on our DofE programme may be limited. Please note that DofE does not count as a subject choice although it is a timetabled activity.

We offer Silver and Gold Awards at the College. 

Silver is open to anyone, whether they have previous experience of DofE or not. Comprehensive training is provided in navigation and camp craft with some first aid included. Enjoyment of the outdoors, however, is obviously important for the expedition.

In order to enrol on the Gold Award, students must have fully completed at least a Bronze Award. The Gold expedition is significantly more challenging than Bronze but there is no requirement to do Silver first and students who choose this route invariably make the transition successfully.

All our awards will give the opportunity to demonstrate a student’s resourceful side, challenge interpersonal and organisational skills and give plenty to write in future applications and personal statements.

Details of how to secure a place will be available at our Getting Ready Days in June and you must sign up at Enrolment in September. 

Please complete and submit this sign up form.  Once completed, it is essential that this form is returned to Richard Henderson, DofE Manager, at Enrolment as this activity needs to be timetabled. 

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