Study Support FAQs

Please see below for the answers to study support FAQs: 

It is important that you make contact with the College's Study Support department prior to making an application, so that we can offer a meeting with any student and their parents/guardians to discuss their individual needs and ensure we can meet the requirements set out in the EHCP effectively. 

It is important to note that we do not have specialist resource provision such as Speech and Language Therapists or Occupational Therapists on site, though we do work closely with the Specialist Teacher Advisory Services and we have experienced Learning Mentors. 

Support in lessons is only provided in exceptional circumstances, such as if a student has an EHCP and physical needs.  Support at college usually takes place in a student’s study period when they come for one-to-one support in the Study Support area.

Exam arrangements do not transfer automatically from school so you will need to be reassessed at college.  In most cases, this means that your arrangements will stay the same.  Whilst we do liaise with local schools, we do ask that you give us documentation from your school about exam arrangements.

The College only carries out exam arrangement assessments.  These are not diagnostic so can’t tell you if you have an SpLD, but they do give enough evidence to apply to the exam boards for special arrangements.  They can also be used as an indicator or screener of underlying difficulties.

We offer small group support (Structured Study) with a specialist SpLD teacher or one-to-one support with one of the Study Support team.

For students with ASC, we offer a meeting prior to starting to help familiarise them with the College site.  Once they have started, we offer timetabled one-to-one support with a named member of staff.  This would give them a familiar face to see regularly and they would be able to ‘drop in’ when needed.

A transition visit by appointment will be offered to some students.  Usually these are offered to those with EHCPs, physical disabilities, ASC, deaf and visually impaired students.  We can also meet with others upon request and time permitting. 

The College has an internal online system called Cristalweb that shows a full record of a students progress and allows referrals by staff to Study Support.  We can track students that have refused support and reoffer it during the academic year.  Teachers also refer students to us if they have concerns. 

If a parent/guardian is worried, they should email their child’s Personal Tutor in the first instance, who will then complete a referral to Study Support.  Alternatively they can contact Study Support directly,

If a student is known to us and receives support on a regular basis for additional needs, they are still able to 'drop in' at any time if they are anxious.

Study Support is open during term time from 8:30am until 4:30pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8:30am to 4:00pm on Friday.

If SALT is part of the EHCP provision, we will work with you to find a way of continuing this support.

Your child will be timetabled to attend study support once a week, but we do encourage our students to attend when they need help by emailing us in advance to arrange an appointment.

Help with essay writing is offered in 30 minute study advice appointments that students can book themselves. 

We can provide a mentor to help students in times of high anxiety.  They can come to Study Support to work or to talk to their allocated mentor.

Students are encouraged to speak to either subject teachers or their Personal Tutor who will refer them to Study Support.

Study Support is open to all students whether it’s a one-off one-to-one or a timetabled weekly session.

The College does not use 'time out' cards.  We trust the students to step out of a lesson as and when required and go back into the lesson when they are ready.  We will however let their teachers know that they may need to leave the lesson on occasion.  We would encourage the student to come to Study Support so that we know they are alright.