Health and Wellbeing

Post-16 study can be challenging for many different reasons, both physically and emotionally.  Here at the College we have a professionally qualified, award winning team, who provide different aspects of wellbeing support to the College community.

The team is made up of:

  • a Health and Wellbeing Coordinator
  • the College Nurse and
  • the Counselling team.

Based in the Student Services corridor, they work closely with the Personal Tutors to ensure that students who study here have access to dedicated and experienced staff who can help with whatever challenges they face.

The Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator is also a registered general nurse.

They are involved in all aspects of student welfare and are part of the College’s safeguarding team.  They are able to offer practical support and advice to students with health issues, both physical and emotional, and other welfare issues. 

They administer the bursary scheme, free meals scheme and other financial assistance options that are available.  More information about these schemes can be found under the ‘Financial Assistance’ tab.

The College Nurse is on hand to help with health issues and provide first aid.  They can usually be found in the Medical Room and are available throughout the College day during term time. 

As well as general medical advice, they also support those students with existing medical conditions, ensuring that appropriate care is available. 

The Counselling Team have their own page in this section where you can read all about the counselling support and how to access it.

There are a number of policy and procedure documents relating to health and wellbeing issues which can be found in the ‘About’ section under ‘College Policies’.