Higher Education

Students are supported in the online UCAS application process, which includes selecting their university and writing their personal statement.  The College can also provide interview practice, in the form of a mock interview, as well as mock exams, for those students who will have a test as part of the application process, such as medical students and Oxbridge applicants.  For more information on how we support our students through the application process, please click here

A range of activities are organised within the enrichment programme with department-led clubs and societies, to support applications for competitive courses such as Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Teaching and Veterinary Science.

We also have our Moving On Day, an all-college event and the largest of its kind in the UK.  This event is designed to inspire and inform all Year 12 students of the many possible progression pathways available, including HE, and to support them with making well-informed choices in the future.


For those students with ambitions to study at the most competitive universities, we offer many opportunities to help you reach your full potential.  We provide dedicated information and resources which encourage you to take action, break barriers and achieve your goals!  Find out more on our 'Aspire' page here

In the spring term, we take students to the UCAS Exhibition, usually held at a local university.  At the exhibition, they can discover what studying at university has to offer, as well as finding out about the Open Days they hold.

Parents/guardians can check for updates regarding HE events and information relating to HE on the Parent Portal.  An overview of how we support our students with HE applications will also be given at the Progression Evenings held in April. 

All universities are committed to encouraging and supporting every student who has the academic potential and ability to progress to higher education, especially if they come from a background, area or school that does not have a history of this type of progression.  Universities usually refer to this as ‘widening participation’ and offer ‘widening participation schemes’.  These schemes offer students who qualify a unique insight into studying at university and help them to develop the skills needed to reach their full potential.

The College has a number of partnership agreements with HE providers, such as UCA and the University of Winchester.  Each partnership provides unique opportunities for students who aspire to study at these universities, including access to a range of activities and resources, as well as, in some cases, a guaranteed offer of a place.

If you are a former student and wish to apply for university through UCAS for next September, you should contact your Personal Tutor and they will be able to send you the necessary information.  Alternatively, you can email admin@farnborough.ac.uk.  Please include in your email your full name and the year you completed your studies at the College.

Be sure to complete all sections of the application and pay special attention to the deadlines here.  Please note the final deadline for submitting your application to the College is Wednesday 15 November 2023, and that Tutors will need up to 15 working days to complete the reference.  If you have already started an application as an independent student, you can link it to the College yourself by clicking on ‘options’ on the UCAS application menu, otherwise you will need to ring UCAS.